• To build a community of women who support each other in becoming more effective in the business world.
  • To improve the skill set of its members.
  • To develop and implement programs that will stimulate personal and professional growth.
  • To provide mentoring opportunities for women.
  • To offer a forum for the exchange of ideas and resources.
  • To promote the image of professional women.


“Being a part of North Shore Professional Women’s Association is an opportunity to spend some very pleasurable and valuable time with an amazing group of unique, entrepreneurs women ! Since I have become a member of the NSPWA my business has increased, I have been found by people – most of them become my clients, through the NSPWA’s web advertisement …I am so glad that I join NSPWA and I highly recommend to the women willing to extend their businesses to become part of our organization!”
– V. B. Buffalo Grove, IL

“What keeps me coming back is a great group of professional women with whom I can feel comfortable sharing issues and ideas.”
– D.L. Skokie, IL

“NSPWA has proven to be a great resource for me to find goods and services. I find the members to be supportive and inspiring.”
– A.S. Deerfield, IL

“Once a month, I get to be with fabulously interesting women who not only care about their professional careers, but mine, too!”
– A.M. Wilmette, IL

“When I joined NSPWA, I expected support and mentoring for my professional needs. I found much more.”
– T.V., Northbrook, IL

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